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At Orphan Logistics and Relief, we bridge the gap between charitable intent and direct action.

Our Structure

A Florida non-profit corporation founded to provide comprehensive support to orphans and orphanages worldwide.

Our Values

Empowerment, community, collaboration and respect of others are central to our organization.

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Our History

We began as a group of friends and adoptive families sharing a simple but common desire, to provide material assistance to orphanages in Guatemala. During multiple trips down to the capital and out into the jungle, our members carried down hundreds of pounds of needed supplies. From diapers and powdered milk to clothing and school supplies, we brought whatever we could fit in our luggage. This was the work of our impromptu organization from late 2004 until mid 2008. Though built on good intentions, it became apparent early on we would never be able to sustain meaningful assistance without a better method of delivery.

In July of 2008, we received a call that arguably changed the determination and direction of our group. An orphan support organization in Pennsylvania called to tell us of a dire situation at an orphanage deep in the Guatemalan interior.

We learned that within the week prior to our call, bats had bitten over a dozen little girls as they slept in their dorm at night. We were told the bats had taken up residence in the rafters above their bunks, the local staff suspecting the bats were rabid. With the dorms open to the ceiling, we were asked if we could mobilize a team to travel down to the orphanage and make repairs to the roof and prevent further attacks.
Once the repair materials were at hand, five of us, carrying over eight hundred pounds of tools and equipment flew down to Guatemala and made our way to the site. The mission was challenging to say the least, but it taught us a great deal about what we could accomplish. More on point, it brought into focus the need to formalize our loose association of friends into a sustainable organization. We realized that with recognized status, we could tap into the goodwill and charitable intent of many within our community. It would be that support, financial and other, that would allow us to be and do more.

We began the process with incorporation, filed with the IRS for 501c3 non-profit charitable status, and began forming partnerships with like-minded organizations and orphanages in Guatemala and beyond.

We currently have projects or programs at varying stages in Guatemala, Latvia and are working towards one in Russia.

Please take a moment and navigate through our website, we encourage you to learn more about us and what we do.

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Thank you !

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