Our Heros

Listed below are the names of our heros. Individuals and organizations who shared our vision,
our passion for orphan relief and opened their hearts and wallets to make it happen.

Good Shepherd Catholic Church of Tallahassee


Bradfordville First Baptist Church


Lowes Home Improvement Stores

Mike Daniel, Store Manager

Visit Lowes.

Our Heros

This page is taking a bit of time, and we’ll likely never be able to list ALL the many people who have helped. ┬áHere are some we have left to thank….


Clayton Sembler, Owner
CDS Manufacturing, Inc.

Tallahassee Heights United Methodist Church

Kim & Kathy at Utrecht Art Supplies of Tallahassee


Mrs. Nancy Swords

Mrs. Norma Plumley

Mr. Steve Guading

Mr. James Bird

Mrs. Sandra Harrison

Greg Frost Family

Mrs. Virgina Cartwright

Mr. Joe Butash

Stan Hoover Family

Mrs. Kathy McGhin

Mr. Rick Courtemanche

Ms. Sonya Bush

Mr. Ben Johnston

Mr. Robert Taylor

Mr. John Shaw

Laurel & Ron

Mr. Joel Widell

Ms. Sandra Garber

Mr. Dana Munsey

Dr. May Tay

Mrs. Susan Stelvmann

Mr. Paul Sheddan & Family

Ms. Melissa Balfour

The Summers Family

Mr. Rob Carney

Boot Camps to Go