Community Daycare Centers for Working Mothers (Guatemala)

In Guatemala City, where poverty and desperation walk together, there exists a simple program to help single working mothers keep their families intact.

The program in short, provides low cost daycare to the poor, allowing mothers with young children the ability to work and support their families.

Without the program, mothers can’t work, and no money means no food, no matter how you spin it.

Once this occurs, the possibility of the children ending up in an orphanage becomes very real. When you look at the numbers, how large the orphan problem is per capita in Guatemala, how its ranked internationally in terms of numbers of adoptions, you begin to get a clearer picture of just how much impact certain social programs can have on a family or country.

On a recent visit to Guatemala, we learned that many of these centers are in danger of losing what little governmental stipend they receive, and thus at risk of closing. Signs and protesters were seen at several locations, but in tough economic times, both here and abroad, it’s the most vulnerable with the weakest clout or voice that suffer first.

It doesn’t matter that programs such as this have been studied by international aid and NGOs repeatedly, many receiving high praise; if the money can’t be found, the programs will close.

That’s why Orphan Logistics and Relief has made the program one of our priorities, and will be working to see what we can do. At present, we have a volunteer in Guatemala City on a fact-finding mission of sorts, and as soon as we receive his report, we’ll post an update.

While our primary mission remains orphan relief, facilitating a solution that prevents the creation of more, seems to be a good fit.

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