Computers for Orphans Project

After months of working on our Computers for Orphans project, we have some exciting new developments to report.

First, we completed the registration and approval process for both Tech Soup and Microsoft, giving us access to discounted computer hardware and software. As a Community Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, we’re now able to take donated computer systems, scrub them clean and then reinstall licensed Microsoft software. This designation will allow us to move forward with our desire to bridge the digital divide and provide computers to orphans and orphanages around the world. If these children are ever to have a chance, an opportunity to change their destiny though education, then they must have access to technology.

With no time to waste, our first donation was a group of five surplus Panasonic Toughbook computers, donated by the City of Tallahassee, to support our orphanage programs around the world.

Three weeks later, we received a second donation of ten more Toughbooks, these are now destined for a new life in Haiti. Specifically, eight of these will go to replace computers lost in the collapse of a learning center for disabled children located in Pentionville and run by NPH and Friends of Orphans. The other two will be used to support logistical efforts at their pediatric hospital in Tabarre.

We also have four desktop and two laptop computers waiting for refurbishment in our storage locker, and as soon as our first software order comes in, these will ship out as well.   

Just this week we bid on and won a large cache of surplus computer keyboards and components from the federal government, 750 pounds worth, and in three days I’m off on a road trip to pick them up from the depot.

So without belaboring the point, our computer program is off to wonderful start, and we look forward to sharing with you updates as they occur.

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