Latvia Host Program

Working in partnership with World Links International Adoption Association, Inc., we recently initiated an orphan hosting program with orphanages in Riga, Latvia.

Host programs allow older orphans, typically between the ages of four and fourteen, the opportunity to come and stay with a U.S family for four weeks in the summer or winter. Beyond building valuable life skills, the children are given the opportunity to learn or improve upon their English language skills, while receiving the love and care of their host family.

Our first group of host children should arrive in July or August of this year (2009) and we look forward to their arrival with great anticipation.

Our role in the host program remains mainly one of administration and facilitation, though we intend to build upon that as our operations expand. At present, most program costs are borne by the host families themselves, though its our intent to defer some of the costs through donations and grants should we be successful in our fundraising efforts.

In keeping with our core values, we intend to travel back to Latvia with the first group and evaluate the overall needs of their orphanages. Those assessments will allow us to prepare future mission teams and maximize our effectiveness of efforts. This aspect of our program is unfunded, and we would deeply appreciate any funding support to help cover the cost of travel.

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