Medical Intervention for the Children of Haiti

In the coming weeks, the actual date still undetermined, Orphan Logistics and Relief will be traveling to the island nation of Haiti.

Recently, one of our directors, Laureen Dempsey, was made aware of a project run by Father Rick Frechette, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, a catholic priest and medical doctor who treats orphans and needy children from the surrounding slums.

Father Frechette splits his time between treating ill children at Saint Damien’s hospital and tending to a flock of upwards of 450 orphans and abandoned children at the Saint Helene orphanage.

Though we know little about the orphanage or how we can assist them today, we have received sufficient information on his medical intervention program to know its something we must endeavor to support. One of its core components is providing life saving and life changing surgery to correct birth defects such as cleft palette other abnormalities. Without the surgeries, those children who do survive often face abandonment by parents overwhelmed and ill equipped to deal with a condition such as this.

Our role, beyond that of advocate and promoter, will be to assist them by raising funds to cover the costs of the procedures.

Given Haitis location, its designation as one of the poorest country in the hemisphere, plagued by rampant crime and all the inherent dangers associated, tasking medical missions to the island must be extremely difficult. With that in mind, surgical treatment cycles must be planned in advance to maximize the number of potential candidates.

As such, donated monies must be on deposit to cover the procedural costs, in the case of a cleft palette, $1,200., so that when new cases come forward, families can be reassured that treatment will occur, and the family as a unit can remain intact. 

Check back with us in a few weeks. On our return, we’ll post more specific details, photos, and links to the actual sites themselves.

If you’d like to get involved now as opposed to waiting, send us an email and we’ll do everything in our power to share with you what we know so far. 

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