Mission Teams Program

At the heart of our organization is the facilitation and direction of mission teams. Normally consisting of between five and twelve members, our mission teams are designed to provide quick relief or make basic repairs to infrastructure at orphanages around the world. While the degree and complexity of the mission will often determine its length, we try to limit our missions to between eight and fourteen days in duration.

If we have learned anything from our experiences, it’s that adaptability and a sense of humor are prerequisites for mission participation. That said, our organization recognizes that individuals and organizations have different comfort levels when it comes to involving themselves in a mission.

As our mission statement proclaims, we see our role as “bridging the gap between charitable intent and direct action.” In other words, we remove the barriers that might otherwise hinder or restrict you or your group from joining a mission team. You have options in this area:

You can join or participate in one of our mission teams.

You or your organization can request our assistance to task a mission trip for you, pick a site and conduct a logistical analysis.

You or your organization can request our assistance to task a mission trip for you, with in-the-field participation by experienced members of our organization. At least two members of our team will accompany your group to provide mission assistance and logistical support.

You or your organization can provide funding to complete a mission of your choosing or design, without your participation in the field.

These are but a few the mission options, contact us if you have questions or suggestions.

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